I can’t grow vegetables or sew a straight line and the birds turn their nose up at my cakes, but I love wood and can’t resist buying old furniture that I can transform with a sander and a tin of paint.

From the recognition of my shortcomings came the germ of an idea that has grown into A Crafty Village. A leaflet drop around our gorgeous village brought forth a wealth of talent just waiting to be discovered.

Two of my neighbours make the most beautifully crafted walking sticks and shepherds crooks, another is a seamstress and upholsterer and the lady who lives in the Old Post Office makes the best Lemon Curd, Jams and Marmalades I have ever tasted.

The village is not short of artists, as you will see from the quality of Carol’s watercolours. Angela is currently creating her masterpieces ready for our first craft fair.

The website can be the shop front for the village to swap their skills and excess produce for something that they want but like me can’t do. I will willingly paint a piece of furniture if someone will show me how to use my new sewing machine that is currently masquerading as an ornament in my spare bedroom.

The aim of the website is to showcase the quality of crafts produced in the village and to highlight the skills on offer, swap produce and buy the services we need from within the village.

A Crafty Village will be at Hornsea Golf Club on the evening of Thursday 3rd November, Hornsea Lights Night Friday 25th November where we will have a stall on Newbiggen and at Densholme Farm in Great Hatfield where they will be holding a Christmas Carol Concert on Saturday 18th December. See our events page and hope to see you there.